WP6 Policy Recommendations

WP6 Policy Recommendations WP6 team has conducted a review of the best practices and policies targeting risk factors and at early detecting, treatment and rehabilitation of NCD (D6.1). In addition, ISS has analysed the evidence, impact and cost effectiveness of existing policies (D6.2). ISS, in conjunction with EPHA, organized the following three Policy Events to elicit ideas on policies and research needs from stakeholders: Policy workshop “Good Practices”;  “Linking Health Policies to Scenarios”, and the “FRESHER Policy Roundtable”. The meetings findings, complemented by the results of II FRESHER Survey, were used as basis for the compilation of a list of alternative policy options for policy makers according to different scenarios (D 6.3) and for the elaboration of Future Public Health Research Agenda (D6.4).

WP6 leader: Istituto Superiore Di Sanita (ISS)