WP4 Scenarios

WP4 Scenarios has ranked by importance and uncertainty the trends emerged in WP3 through the launch of the survey “What will impact your health the most?”. The survey results and the first draft of the FRESHER Scenarios space are available in the “Health scenario stories” (D4.1). Fully fledged “FRESHER Health Scenarios” were subsequently developed thanks to the inputs received from consortium members as well as from stakeholders. The II FRESHER survey “How healthy will your future be?” was then disseminated to elicit stakeholders’ contributions in order to liaise the scenarios work with the micro-simulation model and to imagine innovative set of policies. In addition, three regional workshops were held to downscale the Scenarios (Warsaw, Coruna, Helsinki). Drawing on all the activities above, ISINNOVA wrote the D4.2 “Report on consolidated scenario storylines and quantitative simulation results” (D4.2).

WP4 leader: Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems (ISINNOVA)